Common Types of Car Speakers

1 November 2021
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An audio system is an excellent gadget to have in your car since it livens your journeys, particularly during road trips or when stuck in traffic. However, if your speakers do not sound great, you are less likely to enjoy your travels. Luckily, you can replace car speakers, but the purchasing process is not as straightforward as many people think. For example, there are different types of car speakers with various capabilities. Therefore, you need to understand the differences to choose the right speakers for your car. This article highlights the different types of car speakers.

Component Speakers 

One of the most popular car speakers in the industry is the component model. The speakers deliver one of the best sound quality in the market. It can be attributed to the use of multiple drivers, which guarantee unrivalled sound quality. Notably, each driver in component speakers operates in its ideal frequency range, ensuring optimal performance. Besides, component speakers are made from superior materials, significantly contributing to detailed and dynamic output. Another area where component speakers tramp other types is aesthetics, thanks to the use of quality material. Component speakers comprise separate woofers, tweeters and crossovers. Although the three are separate components, they work together to produce quality sound. Therefore, if you want the best sound for your car, look no further than component speakers.  

Full Range 

Also referred to as coaxial speakers, full-range models are best suited for motorists who want to replace car stock speakers without a fuss. Although component speakers are popular, coaxial speakers are the most common due to their ease of installation. Unlike component speakers that come in separate parts, full-range speakers are compact and include a woofer and tweeters in one unit. The best thing with full-range speakers is that you can find them in almost any price range; hence, you do not have to worry if you are strapped for cash. In addition, full-range speakers come in varying sizes; thus, you can easily find one that slots in your car.  


If you are one of those motorists who really love great sound, then you would want to install super-tweeters in your car. Many people confuse super tweeters with regular tweeters, but they are different in size and sound output. Notably, super-tweeters are used to supplement high frequencies, and the best part is that they do not distort or fail like standard tweeters. It is because super-tweeters can easily handle ultra-high frequencies.

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