A Guide On 4WD Fitouts

11 April 2022
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Accessorising your 4WD vehicle is a sure way to increase its performance and functionality. However, you must conduct thorough assessments to ensure the fit-out meets its intended need. Below are a few things you should know when fitting out your 4WD. 

Government Regulations

Conduct thorough assessments to establish whether your intended fit-out allows you to drive the vehicle legally. For instance, suppose you raised the car several feet above the ground to engage in competitive off-road racing; in this case, you could be prohibited from driving the vehicle on conventional roads. Some modifications also require you to take your vehicle for an inspection. During the inspection, the inspector examines how the modification affects the vehicle's safety and drivability. If the car passes the inspection, you can drive it on the roads. 


When installing a fit-out, the secret is to consider the functionality of the modification as opposed to its appeal. Remember, you still need to enjoy driving your vehicle. For example, if you intend to install a ute drawer system, examine its weight to ensure the drawers do not prevent you from carrying heavy items. On the other hand, when installing an aftermarket suspension system, assess whether the system affects the vehicle's stability. If you plan to install aftermarket lights, they should not be too bright. Otherwise, they could blind other drivers at night. 


Most fit outs require you to purchase parts and equipment from third-party manufacturers. Therefore, it is prudent to assess the manufacturer's credentials to determine the quality of parts sold. Start by examining whether the manufacturer complies with the Australian standards. Moreover, evaluate customer reviews and read motoring blogs to establish the durability of the manufacturer's accessories. It prevents you from buying low-quality aftermarket parts that wear out in a few months or affect the functionality of other vehicle components. Finally, ensure that the manufacturer offers a warranty on the parts. 


Pricing is a significant concern for most 4WD enthusiasts. However, several strategies can help you get value for your money. For instance, when installing a fit-out, check the demand for the accessories in the second-hand market. Remember, you might not get your cash back when selling your vehicle. Therefore, you could opt to sell the fit-out separately from your 4WD. Typically, consider fit-outs in high demand. This way, you get some of your cash back when you sell your truck. Likewise, people with inadequate funds could consider buying used fit-outs. However, inspect the accessories to ensure they are in perfect condition. 

When installing 4x4 fit-outs, consider government regulations, their functionality, manufacturer and pricing.