Considerations When Buying Flat-Top Trailers

24 August 2022
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Flat-top trailers are your best bet when transporting machines or construction or farm equipment. If you intend to buy this trailer, you could be overwhelmed by the different kinds of flat-top trailers on the market. Below are some flat-top trailer buying tips. 


Flat-top trailer manufacturers adhere to varying build processes. Therefore, you should conduct some research to establish which manufacturers make durable trailers. Consult with friends and check home improvement and transport blogs to assess the reliability and durability of the different brands on the market. Check whether your preferred brand has certification from government agencies and quality standardisation bodies. The accreditation guarantees that the trailer is safe to use on the roads. Finally, visit the manufacturer and examine the trailer's build quality. For instance, is the frame rigid enough? What materials are used to manufacture the trailer? Is the trailer galvanised to protect it against weathering? Does the manufacturer powder coat the trailer to ensure a durable finish? The rule is to consider manufacturers who pull out all stops to ensure their trailers last for a long time. Besides, the trailers should come with a warranty. 

Customisation Options 

In some cases, you might need a custom trailer. For instance, you might need a flat-top trailer with collapsible sides to carry materials such as gravel, soil, or sand. Conversely, you might want a tipper trailer to ease offloading. If you plan to transport oversized items, you might need a trailer with a wide bed or hooks to tie down the loads. In some cases, you need a trailer with high ground clearance. This is especially the case if you plan to take the trailer on a camping trip. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of customisation options, including braking, lighting, tyres, and axles. The rule is ensuring your custom trailer does not flout local traffic regulations. 


If you intend to purchase a used trailer, you must inspect the trailer to establish its condition. For example, assess it for bent frames and rusting. Besides, examine the panels for dents and cracks. Finally, hook the trailer onto your vehicle to know whether the connecting components are fully functional. Then, tow the trailer to determine how it handles on the road. For instance, does it veer sideways? Do the brakes work? Finally, ask the owner for the trailer's maintenance records to know whether they observed the recommended servicing protocols. 

When buying a flat-top trailer, assess the manufacturer and customisation options. Besides, consider the recommended guide when buying a used trailer. 

Contact a manufacturer for more information about flat-top trailers