Does your vehicle need a 4WD airbag installation?

24 June 2021
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If you are taking your 4WD vehicle on a trip, you will want to check that it is in good condition before starting the journey. Taking your vehicle for a full service makes sense, especially if you are visiting any remote areas or places that roadside assistance could be difficult to find. You don't want to face an extended period stranded on the road, hoping someone will pass by and help you. You will, no doubt, check that the engine is fully functioning and that it won't let you down. Another thing that you will want to check is that your airbag system is fully operational. If you have any doubts, your local service centre will be able to arrange 4WD airbag installation or replacement for your vehicle.

Why do you need airbags?

 Are you unsure what the benefits airbags are for you? There are many reasons to have airbags fitted to your 4WD vehicle. Airbags protect the occupants of the vehicle and reduce injury in the event of a collision or impact. Airbag sensors are triggered by a collision. They automatically inflate to cushion you or your family and prevent anyone from making contact with the hard sides of the vehicle. While older vehicles may only have a driver's airbag, you can get airbags that protect from frontal or side collisions as well. Your service centre can help you select the best 4WD airbag installation for your vehicle. Ask them about side airbags, as well as feet and knee airbags.

Arranging 4WD airbag installation

If you already have airbags installed in your 4WD vehicle, the airbags must remain serviceable so that they deploy correctly when an accident occurs. If you notice any problems with the airbag or if the dashboard warning light is triggered, you must visit a service centre and have the airbags checked. If you are arranging 4WD airbag installation for the first time, you must find a 4WD service centre that you can trust to carry out the work in a timely and professional manner. Look for an approved service centre where the staff will be intimately familiar with your specific vehicle model and qualified to test every aspect of the vehicle against the manufacturers' specifications. They will understand how airbags can be safely added to the vehicle. Their experience will guide them as they ensure that the airbags will deploy safely without causing injury to those in the vehicle, but, instead, protecting them from the impact of a collision.