3 Reasons to Buy an Aluminium Roof Rack

31 March 2021
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Once you've decided what kind of roof rack you want to buy for your car, you should think about the material it is made from. If you want to buy a metal rack, then aluminium is a good option.

What are the benefits of using an aluminium roof rack over a steel one? Here are three.

1. Get a Lighter Roof Rack

While steel roof racks are strong and sturdy, they have a weight problem. These are the heaviest roof racks. While this might not seem a big deal, the weight of your roof rack does impact your car and the load it can carry. For example, a heavy roof rack will weigh down your car more. It might increase its drag and your fuel consumption.

Plus, your car can only carry so much weight. If you use a heavy steel rack, then you reduce the weight you can load on to it. You might not be able to carry as much stuff on the roof as you'd like.

Aluminium racks are a lot lighter than steel ones. They don't tend to hold your car back at all. Lighter racks also have less impact on your car's load capacity. The lighter the rack, the more you can put on it.

2. Get a Permanent Fix

If you'll use your roof rack regularly, then you might want to fix it on to your car and leave it there. Then, you don't have to take the rack down and put it back up whenever you need to use it.

However, if you buy a steel roof rack, then you should worry about leaving the rack on all the time. Even treated steel will eventually get rusty if it is rained on regularly. If the steel rusts, then the rack might not be strong enough to carry a load.

Aluminium racks don't ever rust. They should last for years even if they sit on cars permanently.

3. Get a Quieter Roof Rack

Steel roof racks can make a fair amount of noise when you drive. This noise can be even louder at higher speeds when you drive on highways and motorways. For example, the rack might make constant high-pitched whistling noises.

Aluminium roof racks are lighter and less dense. Air can move around them more easily and freely. They don't usually make much, if any, noise at all no matter how fast you go.

For more advice, contact a roof racks supplier.