Why Your Regulation Car Mats Are Not Good Enough And What To Do About It

8 June 2020
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Cars are complicated machines to manufacture, and it stands to reason that in all of this process, some parts would get less attention than others. Nowhere is this more clear than with most car mats, as they are often woefully prepared to keep your car neat and tidy. From being made of poor quality materials to not accurately fitting the space as they should, the car mats that come with your car often seem as though they are an afterthought. That is why so many third party products have become available in recent years, but none are as accessible as 3D mats. 

What Are 3D Mats?

3D mats are a new form of floor protection for your car that utilises manufacturing and design choices to protect the floor of your car from whatever may come into contact with it. From sand to water and everything in between, 3D mats are good at trapping these invasive elements before they start to prematurely age your car. That is because 3D mats are moulded to your cars make and model, which means you get a seal that catches almost everything before it can do damage. While traditional car mats have huge spaces around them, 3D mats encompass the whole floor. 

Won't They Bunch Up Or Move Around?

3D car mats are stable because of the smart underside of the mat which is non-slip. Also, because the 3D mats take up the whole space of your car's flooring, there is no real room for them to move around anyway. They will stay securely in place until you move them to empty out their contents. If you have any floor hooks that were used by your previous floor mats, then 3D mats will be designed to fit around them. That is why it is important you know the make and model of your car so when you get them, they are designed for your car and have spaces for the floor hooks. 

How Easy Are They To Clean?

3D mats are made of a special type of rubber which means that nothing sticks to them. They are also completely waterproof, which means that if you want to clean them down after a particularly rough trip into the bush, you can do so with peace of mind. Unlike other car mats where you have to vacuum them for ages, 3D mats are far simpler to maintain and keep their structural integrity for years to come. You can also get 3D mats for your boot as well as the cabin space, just in case you are expecting a lot of dirty material in the near future.