How To Choose A 4WD Service Centre

30 April 2020
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Do you own a 4WD vehicle? Regular servicing can help extend the longevity of your car. Finding the right service centre for your 4WD can be a challenging task. Read the excerpt below to learn the various considerations you should make when choosing a 4WD service centre.


Conduct an internet search to identify the various 4WD service centres in your locality. Check their social media pages and Google My Business listings to know what kind of services they provide. For instance, while some garages specialise in specific vehicle models, others may deal with wheels, suspension or body repairs. Preferably, you should choose a garage that provides a comprehensive range of services.

Quality of Services

Visit the garage to examine the quality of services they provide. One of your interests should be the waiting time. Some service centres will let you know how long it will take to repaint your vehicle or replace a broken shock. Besides, they should have modern equipment such as car lifts, vehicle diagnostics machines, wheel balancing and alignment machines, engine hoists and stands. Some service centres will provide tow truck services. Others offer a courtesy vehicle if your car repairs will take a few days.

Customer Support

Reputable service centres provide a wide range of customer support services. For instance, they may help you join 4WD forums and clubs in your locality. Some will also send you newsletters on how to conduct preventive maintenance and new products on the 4WD market. Besides, they will also review the latest cars on the market. Some service centres will collect your vehicle information and send regular updates on when you should service your vehicle and replace the various components.

Pricing and Terms and Conditions

The service centre should have a reasonable pricing strategy. Some services such as wheel alignment, minor service, replacing shocks and installing after-market kits may have a standard charge. As such, compare how the various centres price their services. 

Check the terms and conditions of the service centre. Some of your concerns should include: 

  • Does the workshop provide guarantees on the various repairs? It is a sure way to improve your confidence in the services offered.
  • What liabilities does the management accept? For instance, will you receive compensation if your vehicle is stolen or vandalised at the facility?
  • Check the accepted payment terms. Inquire about deposits and extra charges such as penalties for late repayments.
  • Check the dispute resolution mechanism. Avoid companies that take too long to resolve customer disputes. 

When choosing a 4WD service centre, examine the centre's specialisation, quality of services, customer support, pricing and terms and conditions.